Friday, February 27, 2009

Book to be published - Spring 2009


40 Years of Poems & Other Jazz

After surviving the horrors of Hurricane Katrina, Professor ARTURO, a New Orleans spoken word artist, will have his book, My Name Is New Orleans, a 300-plus page collection of poetry, songs, psalms, paeans, toasts and hieroglyphs (1968 – 2008) published in late Spring 2009 by Margaret Media, Inc.

Professor ARTURO has spent decades chronicling the New Orleans traditions, heritage and lifestyle through poetry. A host of publications including FAHARI, The American Poetry Review, Ebony Magazine, The New Orleans Tribune and The Minnesota Review have printed Professor ARTURO's poetry, but his highly rhythmic work is meant to be heard, as well as read. "It's half-spoken, half-sung," he says. "That style brings out the nature of song in poetry."

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